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Huck Norris Tubeless Rim Protector

Medium Version (Trail, Enduro)

Huck Norris’s mission is to eliminate the fear of wheel and tyre damage. We aim to put the mountain bikers mind at ease so that you can concentrate on your riding and not worry that your tyre will get punctured or your carbon rim might get destroyed. Thank science there is a cure! Say hello to Huck Norris.

Race: You can save your run by running flat and without destroying your wheel. This is very important in Enduro races where you get penalty if the wheel is replaced.Huck Norris is a an closed cell foam insert which floats inside your tubeless bicycle tire and prevents damage to rims and tires. The shape is developed with professional athletes and experienced mountain bikers. The benefits of HuckNorris are low weight (~80g) and low friction (~0.3W).

Trail or running light tires: You are going for a long ride and want to get rid of excess friction or you want to make up time in competition by using lighter tires. For example in enduro ride you can use around 200g lighter tires with Huck Norris and get better damage resistance.

Rocks, roots and riding in harsh conditions: Use Huck Norris to make more damping between the ground and the wheel. This helps you to make the rims last longer and save money.

Huck Norris is made from material that has been specially developed with scientists for MTB use. Huck Norris has three times the impact energy damping than anything commercially available from a hardware store.

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It’s really simple, if you want more protection from pinch flats in your tubeless setup, you “can” add material to sidewalls of the tyre, but that stiffens the casing and results significantly more rolling resistance. We added the material inside the tyre, so that it has no impact on rolling resistance, and material is exactly where it needs to be to dampen hard impacts to the tyre, making it light, simple and efficient. We are all racing MTB’s ourselves. We have tried all current commercial solutions available and ghetto tubeless. We were not happy, and this is the best we could come up with. Ghetto tubeless works, but is major pain to install. Other commercial solutions are over engineered, heavy, expensive and require rim modifications or weaken the rim too much.

Key Specifications*

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